Main building Western-style room



In the summer of 2007, the hotel was honored with a visit by His Imperial Highness the Crown Prince, present in Saga to attend the opening ceremony of the National Inter-High School Championships, who came to the hotel for lunch. On that occasion, we refurbished this room to serve as a resting room for him. We imported from Bali a canopy bed, and transformed the room into a room for couples that features the exotic air of an Asian resort. The room is a spacious one, ideal for relaxing.


Number of persons who can be accommodated in the room: 1–2

Room options
Wi-Fi available

What the room comes with

Hand towels, toothbrushes, toothpaste, razors, bath towels, bath and toilet in separate room, hot-water washing toilet, body soap, shampoo, shower caps, yukatas, pouch bags